Nordic folklore and mythology

Oknytt is a photo project that wants to create an interest in nordic folklore and give the viewer a fabulous feeling. Behind each picture are great preparations and a willingness to portray exciting meetings and forgotten concepts.

Project owner is the photographer Lars Wahlström from Sweden who runs the project together with model maker Eva Boström and writer Sara Boström.

The project started in 2015.

We in the project

What is oknytt?

The term Oknytt includes supernatural beings in the nordic folklore. Farm spirits, trolls and fairies are examples of nature beings who lived close to man, but at the same time in their own kingdom where time and space worked differently.
Folklore was formed within the peasant society's narrative structure and had an obvious presence in people's everyday lives. The stories often acted as a guide and could explain the inexplicable.

Today, folklore is regarded as fairy tales and fantasy. In order to get an idea of how these original nature beings could look and in what environments they would live, we have worked from older witness accounts and illustrations from fairy tales and nordic mythology. We have, among other things, been inspired by the swedish artists John Bauer and Jenny Nyström and the folklore researcher Ebbe Schön.

The troll is wild, fairies are playfully beautiful and the tomte a bit grumpy. It is no coincidence but the result of an artistic craft where every detail is well thought out. The places are also an important part of the story. On an abandoned mountain pasture or in a bewildered glade, gives the creatures from folklore both will and form for a moment. We hope that you can also become spellbound by our images, in the middle of reality.