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The trolls are wild nature beings living in the nordic forests. They live together in halls

under huge boulders or in mountains and can become very old.


The Tomte is in his essence helpful but cares more about the farm he is guarding than those

who at the moment happen to live there. He gets grumpy when you misbehave or are

careless with the care of the farm. Despite his small stature he is unexpectedly strong and

can carry heavy burdens.


Vittra is similar to man both in appearance and way of life, but is considerably smaller in

stature. Vittra, vättar and Di sma undar jordi are just some of the many names associated

with these strange beings.

  Other creatures of nordic folklore  

The nordic folklore are filled with lots of different, supernatural beings, some of whom are

dangerous while others, more kind, could show their helpfulness if one obeyed their advice

and treated them well.