Welcome to Oknytt - Nordic Folklore and Mythology

Meet some of the beautiful and ancient creatures that according to our popular belief live in the nordic nature. Oknytt is a photo project that wants to create interest in nordic folklore and give the viewer an inspiring feeling of storytelling. Behind each picture are great preparations and a willingness to portray exciting meetings and forgotten concepts.



Trollfolk, Gofar

The troll is a wild creature of nature living in our forests. They live together in great halls under large boulders or in mountains and can become very old. To protect their secrets, the troll uses magical runes called Galdr.


Nisse, Bisse, Gårdsrå, Tomtegubbe, Garvord, Tomtvätte

The Tomte is in his essence helpful but cares more about the farm he is guarding than those who at the moment happen to live there. He gets grumpy when you misbehave or are careless with the care of the farm. Despite his small stature he is unexpectedly strong and can carry heavy burdens.


De osynliga, Vättar, Di sma undar jordi, Tusser, Vættir

Vittra lives among the forest and mountain pastures. They are a collective being who live together and have their own cows and goats. Vittra is similar to man both in appearance and way of life, but is considerably smaller in stature. They usually choose to be invisible from the eyes of man.


Myrding, Mördunge, Utböling

The myling is a phantom of an unbaptized newborn child murdered by her mother. Mylingar are located in places where you can hide a dead child, such as marshes, outhouses, under the floors and rocks. From these, one could sometimes hear the cryings of a child.


Alv, Älva

The elves are a collective nature spirit. In the twilight and at the sunrise, you could see them dancing over meadows and open fields. Where the fairies danced, a ring of either unnaturally fresh or unnaturally sparsely growing grass appeared.

Dragons and Sea monsters

Lindorm, Drake, Sjöodjur

Jörmungand, Gravvitner, Svavner and Nidhögg are ancient monsters that originate from the norse mythology, as a symbol of the earth's evil and inevitable destruction. Counterparts in the modern folklore are considerably smaller in size but still dangerous and sly.


Draugr, Likspöke

One of the more scary beings of nordic folklore. Unlike phantoms and ghosts, wraiths had completely lost their identity after death. A horrific creature that never got buried in sacred soil and haunted both humans and animals. During dark nights, one could hear its terrible scream, so-called wraith-scream (gastarop).


Gluppson, Gravso

A monstrous sow with eyes like burning coal and razor-sharp bristles on her back. Those who practiced the divination technique Year Walk could come across her at the end of the journey around the church. If you did not sacrifice three pieces of grain or apples to her, she would run between your legs and cut you up with her bristles and tusks that she had grinded on the church gravestones.


Milk-hare, Bjära

A Puke which, unlike the other spirits and creatures, was created by human hands together with witchcraft. Its task was to steal grain, money or other precious things from the village neighbours to its creator. An example of a Puke is the Bjära, which a witch could use to steal milk from the neighbors' cows.